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We are currently looking for classes in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Germany, and Poland to participate in a large-scale test of a new online communications platform which will connect students across Europe and enhance their foreign language skills. We expect the test will run from the beginning of October 2017 to the end of March 2018.

We are looking for school or class who might be interested in trying out the platform while letting their pupils learn new language skills, and, along the way, give us useful feedback during the test period.

Are you a teacher and interested, then please sign up above. If you know someone who might be interested, then please send them this link.


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We are developing the Menura platform and the company behind and in this process we will continuously achieve different interim goals that we would like to share with you through our newsletter.

If you are interested in our product and would like to know more about this, you can sign up through the link above.

/. Me-nu-ra - The Australian Lyrebird is a bird of the genus Menura, and is famous for its excellent and adventurous ability to copy and imitate natural and artificial sounds as well as other bird calls. It's possible for the Lyrebird to imitate up to twenty other bird calls.

The idea and concept of Menura is to expand language learning through dialogue with other non-native tongue speakers and promote especially young people's ability to communicate and learn from each other through state-of-the-art technology that is well-designed and fun to use online.

Check out the lyrebird in the video.

Menura logo NEGA BIRDPeer to peer learning

Menura develops a platform for language learning targeted primary and secondary schools. Through video chat, messaging / chat and forums, students will be able to communicate with students in other countries which will help them practice, test and develop their language skills.

The platform facilitates interaction between students in a closed and secure IT-ecosystem where teachers and schools are moderators for student communication in order to achieve maximum security for students.

At Menura, we believe that the student should be in focus and be allowed to connect and network with fellow studens all over Europe. By challenging the student on a platform like Menura the student will approve their languarge skills and will gain confidence when having dialogue with fellow student.

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